Welcome to Birth

Birth is a rite of passage for mothers and babies – an initiation. It is the ultimate expression of a woman’s physical, emotional and spiritual power. What happens in the womb and how we are born is significant in our lives.

Through my work as a midwife for over thirty years, I have observed how mothers and babies suffer the consequences of traumatic births. Modern medical practice, which is based on the separation of body from mind, places its emphasis only on physical aspects, thereby neglecting the psychological and spiritual aspects. Studies clearly show that prenatal care and birth experience is formative.

Midwife means “with woman” – it is an ancient, woman-centered practice which honors a woman’s right to be informed, respected, honored, and nurtured–not only during childbirth, but throughout her life. Midwives are the guardians of normal birth.
I welcome women to experience midwifery care – thereby taking back ownership of their inner strength, power, and deep inner knowing.

A midwife is: “one who assists in the birthing process, bringing forth new life, new relationship.” A midwife – rather than imposing on the birthing Mother she allows her to move in her own way – finding her own way – encouraging when needed, but she does not force, but rather facilitates gently, and only responds more actively when essential.

“The midwife embraces emergence with a fundamental trust in the wisdom of the process of the body. She represents a safe place into which the new life may emerge. She holds new life with awe and reverence, and claims no credit for its miraculous arrival, satisfied to have been present for the journey.” Janet Quinn

Docu-series: Wisdom of a Midwife