SOPHIA’s birth story

Labor was set off at almost 41 weeks gestation by lentil soup with jalopenos the night before.  (This was not planned.) Off and on contractions (and diarrhea) lasted all night  but nothing serious happened until about 6:30.
6:00  Labor starts.
6:30  I call Yelena, my midwife, to tell her I am in labor but not to come yet.
7:00  Labor starts getting serious.  I call Yelena again, I tell her to come.
7:10  I get in the shower and labor turns to “fast and furious.”  I start making sounds I didn’t know I could make.
7:15  I screem for help and my husband Lubo comes in.  I tell him to get me some towels and just sit down and stay put.
7:20  I tell Lubo that Yelena isn’t going to make it (I don’t think he believed me) and I start praying hard.
7:23  My screeming becomes non-human-like, so Lubo opens the shower door to take a peek.  Head is almost out.  Lubo’s clothes fly off and in 5 seconds he is in the shower supporting the little head and telling me that the baby is up side down because it is looking at the floor instead of at him.  I reasure him that that’s the right way and that I have to wait for another contraction to deliver the body.  He starts getting nervous  telling me that the baby’s ears are turning blue.  I reasure him again that it’s ok.  Here comes a contraction.
7:25   Baby is out. Lubo is handing me our baby, which starts screeming immediately.
7:26   Grandma barges in after hearing baby cry and cannot believe her eyes: 3 naked people in the shower.
7:27   Veronika (11) and Lili(2) come in to greet the new baby, still no one looked to see if it’s a girl or a boy.  It doesn’t seem to matter now.
7:35   Lubo cuts the cord (we had cord clamps ready and kitchen sissors worked well) and takes the baby out of the shower to dry.   Yelena arrives.
7:40   I push the placenta out and get up to leave the shower.  I don’t not even notice that Lili was still
standing there mesmerized.  She turnes to me and says:  “Mommie, you pooped in
the shower!”   I turn to see what she’s talking about and I see the placenta……oh.  ”
“Oh no, did I?  I promise not to do it again,ok Lili?